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Tekabara Raurenti from Kiribati message

Tekabara Raurenti from Kiribati message
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Picking me as the winner is the right choice because I can help the Car From Japan with promoting its products and services to my friends and people of my country and my counterparts in other countries. Here are some reasons how I can be of any help to the company in regards to promoting of its products and good services: My current job, My commitment as a Secretary of Kiribati Athletic Association, my good relationship with people both from my country and different part of the world.

I am currently working at Kiribati National Olympic Committees as High Performance Sport Administrator. As part of my work, I will ensure that all National Federations of different sports are in good standing with the Kiribati National Olympic Committees so they could get financial assistance for their respective sports development and also to assist elite athletes with training preparations before attending competitions at national, regional and international level.

To ensure compliance of National Federations with Kiribati National Olympic Federations, I always arrange a quarterly one on one meeting with the Executive Members at which I could highlight what needed from their end and how I could assist them. Sports which are registered under Kiribati National are: Basketball, Athletics, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Boxing, Canoeing, Wrestling, Archery, Badminton, Taekwondo, Handball, Touch Rugby, weightlifting, Power lifting, and two local sports which are Oreano and Bomwane. Under Kiribati National Olympic Committees constitution, these sports are expected to comply as to get funding or any other assistance in the future. On the other, due to the lack of resources particularly on coaching, I normally invite expertise from developed countries to run a coaching training which National Federations have to attend. Thus the quality of training is better for the athletes.

Before the competition that National Federations with in good standing with Kiribati National Olympic Committee would attend, it is always my responsibilities to look for a training camp where we could send the athletes for training.

My other commitment is a General Secretary in the Executive Committees at the Kiribati Athletic Association. It is our responsibility to make Kiribati Athletic Association in good standing with Kiribati National Olympic Committees, the Government of Kiribati, Oceania Associations of Athletics and International Associations of Athletics Federations through our great commitment. It would be seen that the number of participation increases every year and also the athletes are able to perform well in competitions at national, regional and international level. As a General Secretary, I am dealing with all correspondences to our counterparts from different parts of the world and also provide reports and acquittal at the end of the year to the International Associations of Athletics Federations.

Being parts of my jobs as High Performance Sports Administrator at Kiribati National Olympic Committees and a General Secretary at Kiribati Athletic Association, I have been travelling a lot to many parts of the world attending different functions or training and thus making a lot of new friends.

From sharing what I am currently doing, it should be clear that I can be of any help to the company with regards to the promotion of its products and services. Secondly I can share this to my friends in any kind of communications: verbally, mails and telephone.

I think CAR FROM JAPAN is doing a great services. The kind of service that caters people who have low financial income. With this service, people from around the world are able to make their dreams come true. It may be a used car and much cheaper, but in reality it is exactly the same as when it is brand new. In addition, this competition allows people to share what they have been dreaming of for a long time and if they win they could get a car for free even not even a single dollar spent. It also encourages people not to give up but to keep trying as one day it will come true. I think a lot of people have been visiting a lot of website to look for their dream car but they are discouraged as they still can not afford it. They can only see it but they can not have it. Imagine if they win this competition, isn’t the greatest and happiest moment of their life? Yes it is. They would be thankful to CAR FROM JAPAN and would love to share it to their thousands and thousands friends for as long as they live.

I may be one of the participants in this competition but I truly believe that we have the same thought about CAR FROM JAPAN and why we participate. We believe that this competition is way of helping people to make their dreams come true and collecting different views that would be so helpful in the future success of the company. For this, people are willing to attend and try the best they can to win the competition. Meaning a lot of good thoughts will be expressed.

Since everyone could not get the prize, I would appreciate if CAR FROM JAPAN could kindly provide prizes for everyone as to appreciate the effort they have given in the competition. It may be small but it can also be helpful to share the words of CAR FROM JAPAN.

Most of the cars here on Kiribati are imported from Japan due to no manufacturers. There are a few companies which export used cars from Japan and I think one of them is CAR FROM JAPAN but not even one has a branch on the island. So I suggest that CAR FROM JAPAN build a branch on every Pacific Islands to make easy for the people to purchase their cars.

At last but not at least, I would like to take this moment to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for this great competition. Even this is my second time, I will never give up as I believe one day my dream will come true.

Good luck to my fellow participants.

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