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tecklah from Kenya message

tecklah from Kenya message
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i am Tecklah Awino from kenya, I would like to be picked as a winner because, I come from a very poor family. In Kenya so many families are poor and that the roads are bad. so am praying to God that i win a car from japan because i believe they are cars well body built. we don’t have many cars in Kenya. for example you find a person walking on foot a very long distance. so i know when i win this car i will be of great help in the society. It will also help me visit the orphanages which are far so that i can take some things to help them. Many are a times i want to go somewhere but because of transport, you just decide not to go. so, if i get this car it will do good to me.

i understand that cars from Japan are the best. they are well built and moreover the best. I will market you in kenya and also i will share everywhere on social media so that many will acknowledge cars from Japan. Thank you very much as you pick me the winner of CAR FROM JAPAN.

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