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Tebogo Trevor Mubu from Botswana message

Tebogo Trevor Mubu from Botswana message
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I wish you could pick me as winner because winning a car from CAR FROM JAPAN would really change my life for better, I am a man of 35 years a father of 3 two girls and a boy, its always a hustle when travelling during the holidays because most people come from the Northern part of country to work in the city which is in the southern and they usually use these holidays for travelling to visit relatives and we have to wake up as early as 0400hrs so that we will be at the bus rank to catch the earliest bus which will leave at 0600hrs. its always hard because the bus rank is always crowded and travelling with kids very long distance which can last for 6 hours sometimes can irritate the little ones because most the times the air conditioners in the buses are not working properly or not working at all, where road safety is concerned these bus drivers mostly suffers fatigue due long hours driving without adequate rest.
I have never owned a car in my but have been driving my relatives cars ,even though these cars have really helped most people who could not afford brand new cars sold by dealerships trying to get finance to buy a CAR FROM JAPAN its a big NO from the financial institutions, i really can’t afford to buy one from my own pocket of my financial constraints.

Please make the winner of the CAR FROM JAPAN so that I can have some kind o dignity

Thank you

Tebogo Trevor Mubu

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