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Tawanda Mpofu from Zambia message

Tawanda Mpofu from Zambia message
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Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be involved in this competition. Its never really the biggest intention to win a prize, but to be involved in something that is truly changing the way the world shops for affordable cars, I believe is a nobel cause and I hope my friends on social media may also get involved. a prize would most certainly be a cherry on top of the amazing benefit of knowing such a trusted and reputable service provider.

CAR FROM JAPAN is a company that addresses the challenges faced, mostly by Africans, to access good quality second hand/ JAPANESE USED CARS at affordable rates. It is also very reliable and trustworthy, and I would definitely refer this site to anyone looking to make a purchase of vehicles for their personal or business aspirations, especially considering the high entry costs and limited resources available in developing countries.

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