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Tane Namana from New Zealand message

Tane Namana from New Zealand message
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Hi there,

I think car from Japan is an excellent company. It is very exspensive to get a Japanese used car like a grt rx7 supra evo wrx and cars like the 1996 Cedric, original gtr skyline, 180sx, r33 gtr and quite a few other older Japanese cars are rare here in my country or at least my city and sorting out shipping would be a nightmare but CAR FROM JAPAN makes that easy for me. I have wanted to get a vehicle through car from Japan for awhile now but I cannot afford to. unfortunately I have a dog who has epilepsy and his medicine drains my bank account weekly. I am also in $18,000 of debt, but with that being said that still doesn’t change my ambition to one day import a Japanese used car like a Nissan skyline gtr 32 or Nissan Cedric brougham VIP 1996 which are two of my dream cars (after modification like wheels suspension paint tints breaks exhaust system). Trying to find a gtr in my city you would pay $30,000nzd and it would have 180,000+kms. So I would like to thank Car from Japan for bringing all your expertise together to get better prices in the market for people and also the sponsors for helping out on this competition, it has allowed me to write this review and also enter a competition so that one day I may own my dream car that’s rare in my city.

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