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Taffaney Barnett from Jamaica message

Taffaney Barnett from Jamaica message
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Hello Good day.

I am always online viewing your wedsite. I beleive CAR FROM JAPAN is an excellent competition. You see for myself i am trying to save towards buyin a car an i am no where near my goal. I understand why it is that i am not in my goal region. You see its because im a single mother for two. and each time i try to put aside something my kids are in need of something and of course they come first. I write to you from the bottom of my heart for if i were to be picked as the winner of CAR FROM JAPAN it would be an honour as you have just made one of my impossible become a reality. My children and i would be much more at ease and i could take them everywhere now with me. I may not be the winner but whatever the outcome its been a dream come true and i thank you.

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