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Syed Khaled Manzoor from Bangladesh message

Syed Khaled Manzoor from Bangladesh message
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Its great idea.

Country from which i am from Bangladesh is one of major customer of japannis car.
Local govern having its restriction of year of manefuctoring; car that older then 4 year not allowed to import while import without l/c also not allowed.

It is therefore essential to workout how your company can start accepting l/c…if this been taken place; because of your approach and seriousness surely you will be able capture remarkable market share within very short period of time.

There are no car industry manefuctoring car in Bangladesh this keep open the import scop of car to Bangladesh. Morethen 90% car in to Bangladesh imported from Japan. General people of the country having a very common idea that if you wants to buy a car that should be Toyota from Japan. The common thought behind this is spare parts are avaliable which is indeed a true thinking.

At the end it is deligate approach and mathod of acceptance to comply with local regulation can help a company to spreads market share very queeckly and effectively.

With my over 27 years of practical work experience into freight rransportation logistics field; i found your companie’s approach all most there chesing perfection except acceptance of letter of credit. If that can be taken into consideration surely there will be an revulation.

Cobsidering the field of my experience export import and my decent kniwledge shall not leave your company a better choice but to consider me the winner.

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