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Suzie Landreth from USA message

Suzie Landreth from USA message
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Dear CAR FROM JAPAN, Lan Phan, and Sponsers, I received your message in regards to entering your CAR FROM JAPAN Giveaway contest! I am thrilled to have the honors of entering. Thank you!

Choosing me as a winner will tremendously add so much less stress in my life because I am carless. Being carless is no fun!

Being wthout transportation has thrown a curve in my life. Finding rides to and from work let alone Dr’s, Dentist, appointments, the store, visiting with family & friends, church and etc can be a difficult task, while leaving the wallet with less! Taxes will be sooned be filed but not enough to buy a great reliable car.

Lan, being without transportation has taught me to be more thankful, and more patient because you never know what you got until its gone! Within these past few month’s and as we now speak my means of transportation: taxi cabs, family, friends, co workers, and my legs, all of which I am very grateful for! So a huge Thank you to all!!

CAR FROM JAPAN, Lan and Sponsers, please come in shop or online or over the phone ordering @ 423-875-2743, Belk department store 101 Northgate Chattanooga TN 37415, where I work and get great discounts while receiving excellent customer service!

Lan, Sponsers, and CAR FROM JAPAN Whether it’s winning a new car or a Japanese used car I will be tickled pink! I am believing hoping with all greatest faith and will be so very grateful…if CAR FROM JAPAN, Lan and Sponsers will choose me.

Suzie Landreth
Chattanooga TN

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