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Susanti from Indonesia message

Susanti from Indonesia message
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Well, my family has never been able to afford to buy a car as its price is very expensive according to us. I found out CAR FROM JAPAN website that offers loads of japanese used car deals and discovered that this website’s holding a contest which is a perfect opportunity for me. I want to make my parents proud by giving them a japanese car. I’d be very thankful to get a car even if it’s used or second-handed. A used car is already a blessing for me especially if it’s free.

Also, my family consists of 6 members so it’s really troublesome for us to go out . We can’t ride motorbike or go on foot as our house is far away from every places.We have to either call a taxy or rent a car (which is inconvenient because we can’t really discuss our family problems freely without anyone listening). Having our own car is literally the best thing we can get , as we can do anything with it.
We used to own a car, but we had to sell it for personal reasons. It has been a long time since i sit freely and talk loudly during our trip to somewhere.

Car From Japan is literally generous for giving such a perfect chance for me. I’ll do my best to invite as many people as i can to earn entries and also to introduce car from japan to them. I’ve shared the links to all of my social medias and i hope my followers follow through the right path by clicking the link. They should’ve known about Car From Japan by now. My followers are not much but I’ve sent loads of emails , i hope i can help you guys from that although it’s not much, that’s all i can do. Best wishes for Car From Japan for this year and for the future xx Greetings from Indonesia 🍻 Have a nice day , and once again thank you for this opportunity

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