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Sultan Kennedy Too from Kenya message

Sultan Kennedy Too from Kenya message
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My Name is Sultan and I own a firm called Africentrum. At Africentrum, we do Medical Tourism and in the process help many patients who require Specialized Medical Attention to access it abroad.
My reason as to why I think that I should be picked as the winner is because I really need the vehicle. It has been a passion of mine to own a Mercedes E-Class that I will be able to move around doing Marketing for my business.
Impressions count and what makes a better impression than driving a Mercedes?
I have a large area of coverage for marketing spanning three regions in Kenya and the vehicle would be very handy in moving around.

My other very important reason is Safety. The safety of my family is paramount and I trust my self more than any other driver on the roads. I have a small family with one son, Jaden, whom I would give anything, and my wife Christine whom I love so much. I have to ensure their protection at all times. Winning the Mercedes will mean that I would be able to take them to any destination safely, seeing that we all love travelling.
I know that this win would be mine because it is a good year and I feel very lucky. I know that God is surely on my side

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