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STEWARD MGALLA from Tanzania message

STEWARD MGALLA from Tanzania message
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The cars from Japan are a special choice for many of people in developing countries because of the following reasons:-
cars from Japan are environment friendly, meaning that they emit less poisonous gases like nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other gases resulted due to burning of fuel in the engine. The less emitted gases reduce the effects of air pollution including the respiratory diseases. The user of the cars insures his/her good health. This is contrary to other cars especially those made by local dealers.
Cars from Japan are made on reliable firms. This insures the user in case when something goes wrong with his/her car especially when the faults are beyond the user experience. Japan car dealers hold responsible for anything that has happened and I remember they always call back the cars which either technically or human done errors has caused malfunctioning of the cars. This is an advantage to the user.
The cars from Japan are generally cheap to buy and maintain as compared to cars from other dealers. The spares and services are available indoors. When maintenance or repair needed, the spares are easy obtained at reasonable price. After servicing a Japan car spares, take longer to last. This is an advantage to most of people who live in substandard life.
The cars from Japan consume less fuel as compared to other types of cars. For example I have taken a look on Toyota Sienta as point of reference. This type of car consumes just a litre for almost 15km of travel. This is true regardless our local poor and seasonal roads which could otherwise consume a lot of fuels if other types of cars from other dealers could be used. This is very good that is why I like the cars from Japan.
The cars from Japan are durable. They last longer while performing well. I remember one of my neighbor Toyota Hillux which was bought from Japan early in 60’s still perform its duty good as if it has been bought late in 2000’s. This reduces unnecessary expenditure of money which is a scarcity resource.
The Japanese used cars are enjoyable, with many accessories which make a user comfortable. Moreover, Japanese used cars make fewer noises. Generally, Japanese used cars have been made by highly qualified experts who are really committed to minimize the complaints. I wish to win one of the Japanese used cars and I believe that one will open a new page to my life as it will take time to last while it will have helped a lot by increasing high production on my projects I will be running using that car.

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