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STEVEN FANUEL from Tanzania message

STEVEN FANUEL from Tanzania message
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I would like to say thank you for introducing this compaign in the world,This will make the market of used and new car from Japan to large compared to another market of used and new car made in the another countries or in the world.If you will pick me in this compaign as a winner i will make sure i bring many customers to your market through internents,news paper whatsapp,tweeter,facebook etc.
The Japanese outomotive industry is the one of most prominent largest industries in the world.Japan has been in the top three of the countries with most cars manufactured.Japan has manufacture, TOYOTA, HONDA, DAIHATS, NISSAN, ISUZU, SUZUKI, MAZDA, SUBARU, etc. I have more interested with car from Japan because of the good design. Cars designed in Japan have won the European Car of the year, internation car of the year and world car of the year awards many times according to the records of the world. If i look over the world, Japanese used cars make it laden/increasing with many kinds useful cars with a surprisingly low price and seems that many millions used cars are sold annually; this is becouse of there high on quality, and good in reliability and durability. When you want to buy used cars, Japan is the place to consider first rather than other place, because of the good condition of the used car and easiness to import the vehicles, these make the buyer to be interested to buy Japanese used car or new car. In other words the importation of these cars is also not cumbersome.
With every passing day the popurity of the Japanese used cars is increasing in the world, Not only in the local market used car from japan are popular in the almost all the countries throughout the world. People like this becouse they are known for their reliability, longervity, quality and their safety. It is almost impossible to find automakers other than Japanese makers that can exceed in both performance and price at the same times. These popularity of the Japanese used cars is directly attribute towards their dedication to quality, reliability and technology. keeping good care of the car, Japanse used cars put up for auction are not only good deal but also is very good in condition it because of the fuel affordability or it is efficiency or super engineering that makes Japanese aotomaker popular across the whole world. all over the world people are pursuing towards used Japanese cars as they get cars with better design, shape and high technology at reasonable amount without making the people or buyer to complain. Low cost of the Japanese used cars make the people who are living in low standard of life to buy it without destrying their budget also low consumption of fuels interest the people to buy it. these are the benefit of buying Japanese used cars even new cars from japan are cheep and easy to buy it.
Africa countries are one of the mojor importers of the Japanese used cars and new cars. many Africa countries are underdevelop and not posses much scope for new market. In fact the economy of many countries depend highly on importation of esed vehicle from japan. While offering used vehicle Japanese market gives the best combination in price, economy on quality, standard and flexible. Hence there are ample opportunities for Japanese used car expoter in countries. Along with Africa countries, countries in Europe, Asia, America and middle East also import Japanese used vehicles. Being a country of Africa, Kenya and Tanzania also ofeer vast and progressive market for used vehicles. Tanzania and Kenya import large number of vehicles mainly from Japan. The condition of roads of Tanzania and Kenya are not good in fact but Japannse used cars sustain the condition of the roads. Tanzania and Kenya prefere vehicles which are strong and reliable to deal with these stuation rather than choosing good looking vehicles but good for our condition of the roads. The automobile sector of Kenya is dominated by having commercial vehicles and pickups, with growing economy of country, there is also high demand for luxury cars.
Over the past years, Tanzania has amerged as major trade center for used vehicle expoters from Japan to another countries like Zambia, Malawi and DRC. Tanzania does not posses a strong automobiles markets, giving other countries ample opportunities to enter the Tanzania market like other Africa countries, Tanzania is popular sport used cars from Japan, luxury car, transport or paasenger car and heavy duty car.
Not only the good quality, good looking, low amount of fuel consumtion, dulability and good standard but car from Japan are friendly to the environment, it does not produce high NO2,SPM and photochemical oxidants to the environment. Automobiles generates varius kinds of noise, the noise emmitted by the engine, intake system, cooling and exhaust system are redused by high technology, this is the one of the factor that make buyer to choose car from japan lather than buying anather place.I seem that used motor vehiclesare inspected regularly to confirm there structure with safety regulation. this increases vehicle safety and prevents pollutions to the environment.
Availability of spare parts and low cost of spare parts from Japan also make the market of used cars from Japan to expand all over the world. Easness of finding the spare parts for used vehicles also make easy for repairing the vehicle. Comfortability of the vehicle is one factor that encourage people to buy it due to good of suspension, good air conditioning design. Even it is used car but also it can stay for long time if you are keeping well.
These are factors that increase the markets of used and new cars from japan to be one of the major manufacture in the world. I would like to say thank japan by introducing this competition. By doing so the market will be increasing every counting day. Make me the winner i will promote this market of japanese used and new car all over the worl.

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