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Stephen M. Wekesa from Kenya message

Stephen M. Wekesa from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN/Japanese used car are one of the best in the world. Being an African Man, I have observed that many of my African people are fond adn import a lot of cars from Japan because they are tailor made for African terrain.
They are good in terms of fuel consumption compared to other vehicles and there durability is compared to none.
In terms of maintainance, they are very easy to maintain as the spare parts and other items are cheaply and locally available in the Kenyan market. This makes me want to have one from Japan.
I would really appreciate if I win one of these cars that are in the promotion. This is because, I closely monitor vehicles from Japan and I really love them, I also have the desire to own one but at the moment am unable due to my financial status which can not allow me to own one. Getting one from you will help me in helping promote your brand in Kenya and other people that I will come in contact with.
Am a keen follower and I have even a an account with SBT Japan, which helps people to import vehicles from Japan. This shows how keenly I follow you and I will really appreciate if I get one.
I have also noted that when it comes to comfort, Japanese used cars rank among the best in terms of comfortability, I have used and experienced them in many ways. They offer good service, this is to say they are very durable on Kenyan roads and there is no place they can not go. Be it murram or tarmacked roads. CARS FROM JAPAN and Kenyan roads is a match made in heaven.
Please let me be the winner of one of this sleek machines that you have.

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