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spencer kann from USA message

spencer kann from USA message
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It’s amazing to see the opportunities that generous companies create to reach out to communities all around the world. I have personally seen the benefit from these generous opportunities back in my home state of Indiana.

I would love to be picked as the winner for this incredible giveaway because my commute to work is very long. My girlfriend and I moved here for an internship and I ended up getting work further than I ever had before. Normally my old car was good enough to get the job done but with this new commute it’s such a hassle to know whether or not something will happen during my drive. It’s undue stress on myself and my girlfriend. A different car from CAR FROM JAPAN would be life changing for me and my girlfriend. The peace of mind from having reliable transportation is why I signed up for this giveaway.
I had not heard about CAR FROM JAPAN before this giveaway but as I was signing up I decided to take a look. The premise was interesting, I have only bought domestic cars but the thought of getting a car from another country was so interesting to me. I was impressed with the layout and design of the website. The price comparison tool was one of the strongest features!

Thanks again the the great folks at CAR FROM JAPAN for hosting this amazing opportunity. Best of luck to all other contestants and I hope whoever wins will have their life changed for the better!

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