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Souha Alwerfally from Libya message

Souha Alwerfally from Libya message
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This is a very amazing website (CAR FROM JAPAN) I never saw anything like it before, the details required to know exactly what type of cars do I want within what budget is incredible.
I sent an email a while ago looking for specific japanese used car type that is within my budget,, I got a feedback just a few minutes earlier and not just that, but also suggested me other cars of the same type (4WD trucks), I then had more options to search for a more suitable car.
The hiccup I faced is that in my country we can’t have more than 400USD in our accounts, but though I borrowed from my family members and I now have 2000USD, I wish I could afford a brand new car, but unfortunately this is what I could get at the moment, so I really hope to win a car, I’d be so happy and make my family happy too, that their contributions has paid off.
Thanks for taking the time for finding me a car within my budget & thank you to consider me for the Grand Giveaway.

I wish you the best of luck CAR FROM JAPAN
Take care
yours truely

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