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Solomon O. Ndeda from Kenya message

Solomon O. Ndeda from Kenya message
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When give more than enough to the society it’s a great thing. I haven’t heard of such a thing before. What car fre Japan is doing is a wonderful job, abd my great desire for you(car from Japan) is to have a wide range of market allover the world for your cars. Am also praying to God to intervene so that I can also be selected as one of the winners. I’ll be having a wedding in June and I just need a car of my own, and I’ll be very greatful if chosen to be the winner. I also send my early invitation to all the stakeholders of the car from Japan; I invite you to my wedding that will be on June this year (2017). Thank you somuch for great job car ftom Japan and may God bless you and help you to attain your mission and vision Goe ble you.

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