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Soeunsomeakneath Touch from Cambodia message

Soeunsomeakneath Touch from Cambodia message
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I am Soeunsomeakneath Touch, the person who is most likely to be selected as the winner from CAR FROM JAPAN campaign. Seeing the fact that, my family and lot of relatives have put trust on Japanese products for years. We are the big fan of Japanese technology. Japan is one of the well known countries in term of modern technology. I really appreciate Japanese technology. You are considering the right person to be granted the car. I am really appreciate this creativity idea of CAR FROM JAPAN campaign. As the company mentioned earlier, providing love. As the company has mentioned early, making people happy is one of the biggest happiness you can provide. By making people happy, in my perspective, it is one of the happiness God ever created. I deserve to get the prize seeing the fact that once you put an eyes on your goals you will try your best to do whatever to achieve it. There is a saying “you are what you think” therefore, I think that I will got a brand new car from the well-known Japanese company. “If you don’t visualize yourself as a winner, you will never as a winner”. On the other hand, in order to get what you want you have to work hard on it. For example, I really want to win a car from your grand offering; as a result, I work hard on it. I shared, I completed form, I invited friends and most importantly I tried to write an essay. That’s what I’m doing right now.
In addition to that, I deserve to win because I have enough courage while many people don’t. I do put effort on this campaign. I truly believe that CAR FROM JAPAN will surly offer me the prize through this campaign. I won’t give up on my dream. My dream is to get a new brand car from Japan, and obstacles won’t be a problem as long as I have courage in myself. I will make myself a winner to start another point of my beautiful life.

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