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simon whiteman from Malawi message

simon whiteman from Malawi message
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Pick me as a winner because I am a confident young guy who walks like I deserve to be where I am. I tell myself everyday that I DESERVE to be successful. I tell myself that I DESERVE to have a very good JAPAN CAR, because I am smarter than the average guys. I DESERVE to be looked at with respect. I deserve it because I am a good and generous person, and good people DESERVE to be rewarded for what they are.

Now, that might sound a little cocky or stupid – but believe me, it is absolutely imperative to becoming a winning participant in a competition. Why do I win? Because I think I am the best player at all times. Am I? Possibly, but in a match between players in a game that combines skill, strategy, and luck – I honestly and truly believe that confidence is the overriding factor to determine one’s success in the long run.There is one quality which I possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess a CAR FROM JAPAN, and as a winner I will never quit because a quitter never wins – and a winner never quits,to win you have to stay in the game. SO WHY JAPAN CARS? the following paragraphs the advantages and Benefits of japan cars in the following order: Reliability, Environmental friendly, Low cost, High quality, Efficiency and features.

  1. Reliable: These used cars are reliable and durable. These cars are reliable and will never ditch you on the road, if taken proper care. Most of the Japanese cars which were sold several years ago are still running on the road and in very good condition too.

  2. Environmental-Friendly: These cars are environment friendly and emits very less amount of harmful materials. Fuel efficiency and eco friendliness are somewhat interlinked. The cars which intakes less fuel also emit less harmful gases. So environment stays clean and green.

  3. Low Cost: Most of the Japanese used cars and vehicles for sale in the market are of very low cost. These cars are affordable by everyone. The reason of low cost is the competition in the Japanese auto industry. Another reason of low cost is Japanese auto auction. People can buy vehicles from these auctions at a very low price. Choosing Japan used car is the best option for your tight budget. Another reason behind this is the fact that the Japanese cars are financially attractive. This is attributed to the fact that even after adding the extra fees as well as monies that have to be paid for shipping and tax, a buyer is still able to get great deals. As a matter of fact, in most cases, it is considered considerably cheap to import the Japanese used cars rather than buying models that are locally manufactured and what is more, buyers also get value for their money.

  1. High Quality: The quality of these cars is very high. Overall condition is also immaculate. This is because of strict quality tests of Japanese government. If a vehicle does not pass this quality test than it is banned and not allowed to go on the road. Also once the car is sold either through the auction or through any dealer a final inspection of the car is also done. yes most cars from Japan are high quality. What you see on the actual picture is what you actually get. Most Japanese people are honest; they can be trusted at any time at any certain point. As their part of their culture Japanese people have a high morale value and taking their jobs seriously, that’s why most of them are very successful.

  2. Fuel Efficient: This is the biggest advantage of Japanese vehicles. They are fuel efficient and one can save even after buying a car at a very low cost. The advancement of auto technology has helped Japanese car manufactures to produce more fuel efficient cars. Japan is also producing hybrid cars which are more fuel efficient than conventional cars.

  3. Equipped with latest features: These cars are equipped with latest features which make the drive of this car more comfortable and enjoyable. These Features also enhance the safety of these vehicles. More importantly, by opting to invest in Japanese cars, buyers are placed at the vantage of getting models that come with all the required accessories. This might include things such as the power steering, air conditioning, air bags, music systems and power windows among others.

Also, the Japanese drivers are known to be excellent drivers and for this reason, when you get these models in the market, you can rest assured that they are in great working condition. This is not only mechanically but cosmetically as well. For this reason, apart from them been affordable buyers can rest assured that they will only get the best models the market has to offer.

I am now your AGENT in Malawi and other African countries by sharing the link to many people in Malawi and across the boarders I will also be telling them the benefits of using Japan used cars over other cars in the world, so when I win this car It will be also used as a demonstration vehicle to the family and friends in Malawi. CARS FROM JAPAN ARE THE BEST AND SECOND TO NONE. I WILL ALWAYS TRUST AND DRIVE JAPANESE CARS. SIMON WHITEMAN IS YOUR AMBASSADOR IN MALAWI.

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