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Simeon Oyando Ogonda from Kenya message

Simeon Oyando Ogonda from Kenya message
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My friend and I have this dream of starting a transport business across East Africa. There are currently other businesses on this route and they do much of the distance from Mombasa to Kampala. However, we would like to do the distance between Kisumu and Kigali, and maybe one day when the war is over, to Juba. We love traveling. Peter always says you haven’t lived if you haven’t travelled. This is why CAR FROM JAPAN is such a great website for us. The first time we shared about this ambition, we were given a range of websites to look at and after sampling about 25 of them, we stopped at CAR FROM JAPAN and have since been actively trying our best to purchase at least 5 to start with. However, we are let down by some of our importation regulations that change often. But dreams die hard and hope dies last, so we are working hard to be able to get this dream off the ground. It’s no longer a dream because we have worked our way to the cost of 3 vehicles and are looking for the capacity to own two more before we purchase. I know that this competition seems like an easy way out, but I do believe that luck only favors the prepared, and the best way to have a chance of winning a bet is to actually place one. CAR FROM JAPAN gives us offers that make us feel that even with our current financial position, owning and operating such a transportation company is not just a dream. We hope you’ll continue walking with us as we actualize this dream.


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