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Sifakubi Masuku from Zimbabwe message

Sifakubi Masuku from Zimbabwe message
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Car From Japan is an exceptional organisation led by a dynamic team of fully committed staff who are always willing and able to go an extra mile in their quest for service excellence to the world.

Car From Japan is one of the best platforms for those in search of high quality used Japanese cars at an unbeatable price. Talking variety, exceptional service and quality cars, Car From Japan has it all under one roof.

Having been part of Car From Japan Car Giveaway campaign from the very beginning, I have been holding my dreams high each time I participated hoping to receive a car thus far. Regardless of my inability to win a car, I still hold Car From Japan dearly in my heart and shall continue to participate in every campaign to spread the news about your innovative platform. Being picked as a winner shall be a bonus to my hard work that speak volumes for itself to those who have been observing my sheer determination and hard work in all successive campaigns up to date.

Car From Japan brings joy to many people globally especially in developing countries mostly Africa where owning a car is a huge expenditure with fewer people able to afford to undertake, thus Car From Japan brings mobility to the masses who couldn’t make it to buy a brand new car.

With promotions such as FOB$1, buy 2 get 1 free, free shipping, free inspection various coupons and discount issued periodically, it can be said that Car From Japan strives to share as much as possible with its valuable customers thereby creating a long term sustainable organization that keeps going where others fail through a deliberate customer centric focus.

I deeply feel Car From Japan should pick me as a winner since my track record speak volumes in terms of what I can bring to the table as a fully committed brand ambassador. The true sense of my hard work can be revealed through observing my track record thus far, my words might not be convincing enough, but my work speaks much louder than my words.

I have a dream, a dream to run my own tour operating company servicing mostly international tourists visiting Southern African countries. In providing my services to my clients, I will be carrying with me Car From Japan at heart within my daily interactions with international tourists thereby increasing exposure towards Car From Japan.

Within my dream of starting my own company, Car From Japan fits in as a strategic partner on the supply side of vehicles as my company expands. Picking me as a winner will ensure that I will be able to represent Car From Japan and above all provide return business to take care of my operational requirements.

A positive return on investment is what I promise to bring to the table if I happen to be one of the car winner. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping 2017 is my year to be recognized and drive a Car From Japan on my way to kick starting my business empire.

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