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Shukrani Lukago from Tanzania message

Shukrani Lukago from Tanzania message
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First of all I like Car from Japan. As they are durable and comfortable car which can be used in different environments. Secondly car from Japan is the most genuine brand that cannot be compared to any other brand in the world. These cars are the one which can fit to be used in less developed countries like Tanzania where infrastructure such as roads are not good so your cars are the only that can tolerate in this kind of environment. Also availability of its spare parts and at achievable price is another issue. Also providing different types of car where the buyer can select accordingly to fit his/ her purpose. A good example is me why choosing Toyota hilux pick-up is because is an Entrepreneur so that can be use for husbandry purpose and not need luxurious car. Also I have a wider networking so I will be a good marketer for marketing your product. Thanks in advance and God bless you. Furthermore fuel consumption is very low compared to others.

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