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Shilinde cheyo from Tanzania message

Shilinde cheyo from Tanzania message
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To be Winner is my chance, because my dream is to own CAR FROM JAPAN, and this completion it came as the sun shine to fulfill my dream, I’ll be a good ambassador of CAR FROM JAPAN. i don’t fear even if I’ll lose the chance but for sure I’ll tell country the truth within the best company which can make as live confident life within the car of our selection, I am completely love Japanese used ca and the new one for this chance I’ll use the four weapons to tell my friend the best way to get the care is through CAR FROM JAPAN, First by inviting trough emails and by convincing them to read carefully so that they can join in order to get new updates from CAR FROM JAPAN this can help large numbers of my fellow student at University of iringa and other place to know where to get the new car and Japanese used cars,. Second I’ll send normal text and using whatsap to explain to them what to do in order to join CAR FROM JAPAN Society i know its sometimes its cost full but because i need something good I’ll let it cost me, third I will use my all social networks (Facebook SP CHEYO formally SHILINDE CHEYO, Twitter @SP CHEYO, Google plus SP CHEYO) to help people to know about Japanese used cars and CAR FROM JAPAN, forth I’ll use the face to face campaign to show people how to join the family of QUALITY CARS from Japan, HOW CAN I CONVINCE PEOPLE?, It’s difficult to convince people to know something, but it’s easy for me because there is the help from the company because when ever I’ll convince to visit the page and how to orders the car online it will be easy get information from CAR FROM JAPAN, I WILL BE EASY ALSO IF I’LL WIN THE CAR, IT WILL BE MY NEW BEGINNING OF BEAN A GOOD AMBASSADOR of CAR FROM JAPAN up to end of my life because it will change my life, my message to CAR FROM JAPAN IS:::” what is joyfully is to see the CAR FROM JAPAN is near our home, for different type, DESIGNS. Japanese used car are very helpfully towards owning the new one, from Tanzania I’ll easily get it from DAR ES SALAM pot this is very great things we need to enjoy for it, what we can say “thanks CAR FROM JAPAN” for making life so easy like that, I can calculate for the great cost which could i use if were no CAR FROM JAPAN COMPANY which can quickly transfer the care near my near home pot, it would be may be to about 3 to 4 times the original price, Japanese use car is the new generation of CAR near the people of different languages, ” #CAR FROM JAPAN make near home the car of your choice #

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