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sherrie parks from USA message

sherrie parks from USA message
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First – I learned to drive in Japan in 1983 in a Japanese car! I was stationed there when I was in the Navy and I absolutely LOVE Japan, the Japanese people and everything about the Country. I believe that Japanese vehicle manufacturers have got vehicle performance, reliability and luxury figured out. I have driven a Lexus for the last 20+ years. My cars have been the ES300, GS300 and the GX470. I feel safe in my Japanese made car and at the same time I enjoy the status that driving a Lexus affords me. I feel great driving my Lexus and I know that I will feel the same way driving any Japanese made car. I think CAR FROM JAPAN is awesome for hosting this contest. CAR FROM JAPAN has a huge selection of new and used cars for sale at AMAZING prices! FREE SHIPPING!! You can’t beat that anywhere. Buying a car across the Country in the US you either have to pay to fly there or pay to have it shipped, so to get free shipping from Japan is awesome. My husband and I looked at the huge selection of vehicles and we were very surprised at the incredibly reasonable prices. This is a company I feel that I can stand up for and represent. CAR FROM JAPAN offers it’s customers quality luxury vehicles to the everyday vehicles at great prices with free shipping Worldwide. I appreciate the opportunity to enter this contest and would sincerely love the opportunity to represent CAR FROM JAPAN. If selected I am available to begin working with you as soon as possible! THANK YOU! 🙂

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