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SHARIFU MPILI TEWA from Tanzania message


Thank very much for been accepted to join this competition and competing on used car from Japan. I sincerely happy to be the part of this competition. For many times I have been participating from different offers provided from your company even though I had not become a winner of those competition. Apart from those difficulties that I faced from all the offers you gave us, but I do not give up in participating the campaign. So what is the ambition for me to do so, is just I wish one day to be one among of the winner from this campaign and fill full my dreams of having the car product from Japan especially from you company. So once I will be selected and being the winner of this competition I will be the ambassador of your company in East Africa particularly in Tanzania, kenya and Uganda. I will inform many peoe as I can about the quality of product man from Japan. For many years a go I had heard from mass media such as televisions, Facebook, different blogs, magazines and social Media on the quality of Japanese car. So from that point I have the ambition of being the one who will own such products. So once i get this chance i gona be the ambasodor of the campany in East Africa particulary Tanzania, kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Moreover i will anounce your products through different social media such as WhatsApp, tango, facebook and twitter.

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