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shahzad memon from Pakistan message

shahzad memon from Pakistan message
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japan cars are best cars in the world because japan is the famous and beautiful cars manufacturing companies in the country and japan cars trend for buying used automobile has increased globally especially the Toyota cars are highly in demand for sale due to its good efficiency and finest performance. Toyota is the Japanese automotive industry that have started their production operations in December 1993 and the company laid their initiative foundation in December 1989. In 2012, Toyota, marked as the largest automobile manufacturers leading prominently higher than General Motors and Volkswagen Group. Throughout the world the number of used Toyota cars for sale is much higher than the other automotive manufacturers due to its intense and passionate production , Popular Japanese Used TOYOTA Landcruiser.
TOYOTA Prado-Landcruiser.
TOYOTA Noah.Vehicles and Japanese used vehicle exporting is a grey market international trade involving the export of used cars and other vehicles from Japan to other markets around the world.
Despite the high cost of transport, the sale of used cars and other vehicles to other countries is still profitable due to the relatively low cost and good condition of the vehicles being purchased. Contributing factors to the feasibility of such export include Japan’s strict motor-vehicle inspections and high depreciation which make such vehicles worth very little in Japan after six years, and strict environmental-protection regulations that make vehicle disposal very expensive in Japan. Japan has very stringent vehicle emission test standards. ,,, The Japanese automotive industry is one of the most prominent and largest industries in the world. Japan has been in the top three of the countries with most cars manufactured since the 1960s, surpassing Germany. The automotive industry in Japan rapidly increased from the 1970s to the 1990s (when it was oriented both for domestic use and worldwide export) and in the 1980s and 1990s, overtook the U.S. as the production leader with up to 13 million cars per year manufactured and significant exports. After massive ramp-up by China in the 2000s and fluctuating U.S. output, Japan is now currently the third largest automotive producer in the world with an annual production of 9.9 million automobiles in 2012.[Japanese investments helped grow the auto industry in many countries throughout the last few decadesand japan produce Early years. In 1904, Torao Yamaha produced the first domestically manufactured bus, which was powered by a steam engine. In 1907, Komanosuke Uchiyama produced the Takuri, the first entirely Japanese-made gasoline engine car. and Today, Japan stands at number three in automobile manufacturing. Recently, though, China beat them to this position. Although number three, Japan’s automobile industry still remains one of the largest and the most profitable method of income for this japan country , japan cars are largest exporter of the world and apan’s ability to produce popular, reliable, and affordable cars throughout the 1990s resulted in Japan becoming the largest car-producing nation in the world in 2000 (JAMA). This growth was led by passenger car exports and can be credited to various factors including; the improved performance of Japanese cars, due partly to the rise of technological levels of manufacturing; competitive pricing due to cost reductions that follow mass production; and the long-term market development strategies of Japanese manufacturers (JAMA).Japan’s ability to produce popular, reliable, and affordable cars throughout the 1990s resulted in Japan becoming the largest car-producing nation in the world in 2000. Unfortunately, this disaster will push Japan’s automobile manufacturers to their limits in terms of ingenuity and resourcefulness…then there are also the Japanese cars. For years, Japanese companies like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda etc has produced hundred of car models that sold a lot of units worldwide. The reason for this is that Japanese cars are durable, classy, sporty and not priced as high as German cars. They are perfect for ordinary folks to buy. Japanese cars also are highly sophisticated in terms of their gadgetry. Their cars usually include lots of new improvements…Japanese cars have been known for a long time as the most economic cars in the world. Japanese cars are known as the most high quality cars and gas saving around the world. In terms of efficiency, Japanese cars are known to perform at its best. With a reasonable price and a good engine, you’ll be sure that it is money well spent. Since German cars are too pricey and not practical nowadays, let us compare and see how economic Japanese cars distinguish with American cars and Along with political transformations, the Japanese experienced many changes in daily life. People began wearing Western style clothing and eating new foods. Trains, cars, and electricity came to Japan’s cities. Women became active participants in public life as workers, consumers, writers, and intellectuals. Interactions with Europeans and Americans inspired many of these changes. Some Japanese thought such moves were necessary for Japan to become part of the modern world. Others were concerned they would lose their own traditions. How could the Japanese create a shared sense of national identity? Did “modern” mean “Western”? Could Japan modernize and industrialize without losing its sense of self? These were questions Japanese of the time asked themselves. We might ask the same questions today as we think back on these decades of Japan’s history.
japan cars have low prize today than other countries of the world and The Japanese proved able students of industry and technology. The first train line, linking Tokyo and Yokohama, opened in 1872 (just four years after the Meiji Restoration!). Trains quickly became the symbol of the new, modern Japan. Woodblock prints from the Meiji period often featured trains as part of the new landscape. Major cities soon gained the use of electricity. By 1880 people in most cities could communicate with each other by telegraph Japanese society is very different from North American society, but I think the people live and think very much
Conclusions: Japanese society is very different from North American society, but I think the people live and think very much the same. People go to work everyday, raise children, and believe in being good to their neighbours and i wish one day i will visit beautiful country japan and its resources Inshahallah

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