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Shadrick Wray from Jamaica message

Shadrick Wray from Jamaica message
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Thanks carfromjapan for this special opportunity for giving me a chance to make my dream come through. I saw some very great deal on the website, made a few enquiries but so far I am unable to make my first purchase due to lack of funds and the law of my country not allowing certain year old car in the country that is why I believe I should be picked to win one of the prizes, especially a car which would help jump start my life in getting my dream car from CARSFROMJAPON. Winning would be one of my greatest joys. If am not choosing as one of the winners will continue to browse regularly until I am able to accumulate enough funds as i know my dream car is at cars from japan the best japanese used car dealer ever. Keep up the great work. In addition it is not all about sales but you have a great caring and sharing side that is looking out for the people which are not millionaires which is quite attractive.

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