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Shabani Mfaume from Tanzania message

Shabani Mfaume from Tanzania message
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Yes well previous years i was helping many people especialy the adult to parchase cars direct from japan from different dealers this lead to gain more experience and confidence to understand japanese cars and allways i was select best choice . But since i involve in this bussiness i didnt see the best dealer than CAR FROM JAPAN your so good and apriciate your servise i wish i could deal with you before but i think nothing change in case i get any customer i will conect with you for best price and good condition cars what i can advise now the cars bussiness is change a little in our country the rate people who purchase cars it decrease becouse the in the clearence proses with Taxes is very high so some people they decide to change the decision of buying cars nd invest money in other bussiness so my main advise to you is to watch your price must be friendly for the customer to be attracted with your servise and also you can have promotion and offers during the holiday season like Chrisma ,Eid liftr,Pasaka also to have customer support office at Dar es salaam this will help the customer to know about your servise easily

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