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Sewa Seete from Botswana message

Sewa Seete from Botswana message
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I started buiying Japanese cars from 2006 I owned two 2004 Hyundai Matrix. Up to now I have never encountered any technical problems in any of them. I like Japanese cars because of their realiabilty and also very afforrdable. In the past good cars were only owned by those earning a lot of money. Today in Botswana people are able to visit their villages even in rural and remote areas. Japanese cars prices vary and so is the quality. For example, Mercedez Benz was only owned by those who were wealthy and were well paid. Because of Japanese cars it depends on what car he/ she wants to own irrespective of socio- economic status. have reduced transport issues dramatically because any person even from poor socio background or earning less as long as he/ she saves or can get small loan can afford to own a car. All my cars are automatic gears and having good leather seats. Botswana roads are sloppy so driving on some sloppy roads can be so strenuous. I am happy that I can drive in any road in Botswana even in South Africa where there are sloppy roads as well. I am a proud owner of 3 Japanese cars.
I have recommended Japanese cars to over 50 colleagues to buy Japanese Cars.
I have recently just bought Nissan Murano.

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