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Severina Francis Mologa from Tanzania message


Japanese used car is the car business which was conducted by various companies all over the world.Example of these companies are beforward Japan, trade carview Japan, Newgate Japan etc.
The Japanese used cars simplifies this business of buying and selling car because they used social networks whereby every one can have an access to choose the kind of car they want with reasonable price.
The car from Japan have many benefits to African countries as follows:
One,it help the in development of transport system of a country. In a country the number of cars increased hence simplifies people’s life.
Secondly, Japanese used cars is safe trade and secured to all the people who ordered the car from Japan, they will get their ordered car safely.
Thirdly, Japanese used car is cheap and affordable to majority whereby some people ordered more cars at large quantity and selling them to their fellows.
Fourthly Japanese used cars helped some African countries to increase foreign currency which led to the money circulation hence the development of the countries.
Firthly Japanese used cars provide some employment to African people because they open various offices in order to simplifies their business. So they used majority African to help them in their business.
Sixthly. It helped in promoting our banking system because everyone who ordered the car should used the banking system to link with those cars company in Japan.
Seventhly. Japanese used cars having the system which is open to their customers, their provide informations from where they packed their cars/luggage and informed the customers via e-mail until he/she received it.I like this because it reduced tensions among the customers.
Also it allow the customers to select the areas whereby they could receive their cars and the costs indicated if they can afford. For example in Tanzania there is nearby cities for example Arusha,Mbeya and Mwanza.
Furthermore Japanese used cars led to increase in national income through taxes. Through car business the countries increases some income and other levy.
Moreover, Japanese used cars helped to reduce poverty in some African people because they struggled to make sure that they have own their cars and not used the public transport.
Also Japanese used cars helped majority African company to open car yards in order to reach others who had no access to social networks. Also they sell the cars at affordable price.
Then, the Japanese used cars are of good conditions with high quality which led to value for money. So it attract majority to order/buy cars from Japan.
My opinion to my fellow African to make business with Japanese used cars because it is safe,secured and affordable with high quality, low milage as New! I ordered mine in 2014 Toyota Raum and I received as I ordered though social networks! This is my testimony, we don’t have to worry because the dream will come true and you will get yours,safely and securely the only informations is to know the payments after payment of CIF which means other revenues.

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