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Seth Dorney from United Kingdom message

Seth Dorney from United Kingdom message
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Firstly, CAR FROM JAPAN is my first choice for importing Japanese used cars- while the website can be a little awkward, it has not only charm but also stonking great deals! Now, I’m not old enough to drive yet, but when I have the money, I’m coming straight here to pick one of your quality cars (probably a nissan rasheen, that has high potential for mods) or an elgrand. I can’t quite remember how I came across you guys, but honestly I’m glad I did. Nothing makes me happier than browsing through tens of thousands of ads for second-hand things, and unlike goo-net, I can select the manufacturer and go from there! That’s definitely a good feature. Also better english than goo-net.

Now, why to pick me.
Well, while there are so many other candidates out there, can you guarantee their custom, and that they’re not just here for free stuff? Well, like I said, you can guarantee mine. Plus if I DO win something, I’ll be buzzing about it for ages. Like when you win a prize from your favourite TV show. I can say that that’s going to occupy all my social medias for a large period of time. #Shoutout! As it is right now, I can only offer you the promise of future custom. And as much positivity a pessimist teenager can give. That’s cool, right?

I don’t usually write large amounts, because it’s not usually worth my time, but since it’s 1:30am and I have school tomorrow, might as well do something productive.

Anyway, may the other participants have the best of luck, and may you guys get what y’all are looking to get from this campaign.

Yours, Seth Dorney
p.s., CAR FROM JAPAN > eBay for all things Japanese used car .

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