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Sebastian Munyao Kitetu from Kenya message

Sebastian Munyao Kitetu from Kenya message
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Dear Lan Phan.
I am very delighted to hear such words from you. Infact when i so your email during the rewarding of those who had won i was very imprest by your kind gesture to your customers. a good managed organization is one that rewards its customers. When you want to know how good an organization is you first look at its customer relationship. You have portrayed a very high standard of customer relationship and that is by far a very good means of product marketing. Kenya been a very first growing country, most of your products are finding there way in the country,
By the way i do not know if you ever considered opening an office in kenya, this can be very beneficial to the people of this country because most of them who purchase cars from those people who import your cars as a means doing business exploit the buyers by high prices. So setting an office here kenya would ease dthe burden of most kenyans to buy your cars at an affordable price. I do not know if you have ever thought of that. Kindly think about it and dif you need an assistance i can be available to provide it, may be by registering a company for you to trade with it, thus you will now established a working trading base.
It is my hope that when you read this letter you will find it very and make a good decision on establishing a trading base here in this beautiful.Most of the people here can plan to buy cars if they can know how to reach and of course with easy means. You know people here have the money to buy the cars but they fear been conned and if they can at least see your office here the can use the office as a means of purchasing. It does not matter if the office will be a means of obtaining money for the customers and requesting for the cars from japan, They will trust and buy as they will be dealing direct with the owners, Please think about it because this will increase your profit maximization and you will also have looked at the welfare of your customers. when i try to listen to most of the people they say that they buy cars from dealers here because they do not know who they can deal with in japan.
Lastly i take this opportunity to wish you best of luck in your car deals and promotion. i love your cars and your customer relation.
Kind regards.

Sebastian Munyao Kitetu

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