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Sean carritt from Zambia message

Sean carritt from Zambia message
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Car from Japan has really benefited many people in Africa. Most African Countries do not have vehicle assembly plants. Mode of transport in Africa is highly important for many people. Many children can now get to their schools on time to get their education. People can reach their point of destinations on time instead of having to pay fortunes and being late relying on public transport. The Japanese vehicles now get to have a second /third and fourth life instead of being sent to be crushed and scrapped. Most Japanese vehicles are very luxurious and to African Standards are still brand new. So when the vehicles arrive here the new owners feel they driving in luxury and with a huge smile. Many people in Africa still deeply long to own a fairly new brand new second hand car or just to have a good working reliable vehicle which will help them a great deal with every day life.
I need a vehicle which is reliable which can take me deeper into the dense African bush to get to my work destinations which often Is very deep and isolated in the bush. Previous cars I have owned or even company card get treated like royalty. I do the basic servicing, washing, cleaning and polishing myself to maintain the vehicle and to keep the vehicle in good health so when I need to do a long distance trip I know the vehicle will not let me down. Before Japanese vehicles started to Arrive in Africa, Cars with electronic Windows, Automatic transfer geaboxes and power steering was very few. Villagers who could not afford to buy a brand new car were forced to walk many miles as good second hand vehicles were hard to find at a bargain price.
Car from Japan and similar companies have really helped Africa in many ways.
People who could never see themselves owning a fairly new car what used to be just a mere pipe dream has now become a reality for many people thanks to Companies like Car From Japan. The Japanese truly make some real masterpieces and we are more than truly grateful. I love to help other customers with their vehicles and give them advice how to maintain their vehicles.
I would truly be grateful to represent Car from Japan from here on and to be a sales representative for Car from Japan on both Sales and repairs and maintenance. I have opened up a company name called KYSE ENGINEERING ZAMBIA LIMITED. I would like KYSE to become a part of Car From Japan in the Future. Bringing Africa and Japan closer with helping Africa with Transport.
Keep up the Good work! Please feel free to contact me.
Kind Regards
Sean Carritt
+260 950 669289

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