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Sarah Te Pou from New Zealand message

Sarah Te Pou from New Zealand message
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My name is Sarah. Firstly I want to thank you for accepting my entry into your promotion Car from Japan. My reason for applying is to have a car for my son. Ive moved to Christchurch NZ to support my son . Since the earth quake my son abd daughter inlaw have been trying to rebuild their lives. My son and his girl friend had to move in with his father inlaw just recently as they cant afford to rent and i have given them emotional support. He now requires a car to get him to work. We cannot afford to buy a car. They are due to have a baby in October. My son needs a car as his work is 30km drive he is usibg my car. He pucks me up from home takes me to work every morning and he continues to his work. I catch the bus home as my son finishes work at 6pm by time he returns ti christchurch its 7pm. Your consideratiin to my request will help us. Since the earth quake money has been tight we are all still financially recovering.

Sarah Te Pou.

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