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Sarah Chua from Singapore message


When I first saw the Car From Japan giveaway, I thought that it would be a really nice new year gift to my older sister, who had recently gotten her driving license last year or so. She has always listened to me when I talk about my problems and understands what I’m going through, she gives me hugs and comforts me when I cry. Last night, she put on a face mask and was standing beside my bed in a funny pose, waiting for me to look up. I looked up after a minute or two, after feeling a stare for some time and noticed her standing there. We both laughed when I asked if she had been standing there like that and waiting for me to look up. Regardless if it is a Japanese used car, I think she would still like it a lot if she got it as a gift as cars in Singapore are expensive. I guess that after thinking about it, I should treasure my sister more and tell her too, even if I don’t win this giveaway. Thank you for reading ⸜( ´꒳`)⸝

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