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SARAH BARAKA from Tanzania message


Hi, there are thousand reasons as to why I should be picked as a winner, despite of being a fighting woman towards development, I do face challenges regarding the transportation to and from my work and later on my small businesses, winning the car will make it possible. I am interested to this competition that I can prove to the mass that this competition is real and hence to Winn more followers, I would also like to publicize the company through my social account the goods produced i n pan including the car, there people can pay more attention to products coming from Japan,.
I do not have access to cars, but according to fellows history, their preference cars, are those from Japan, and through that I want also to prove it so that I can convince and publish about the CAR FROM JAPAN.

I always heard people advice best cars are from Japan, and I think too, they are well manufactured to suit the mass, thank you

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