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Sandisiwe ndabaningi from South Africa message

Sandisiwe ndabaningi from South Africa message
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Japanese cars are good, infact there are the best , they don’t consume too much fuel and there are balanced on the ground. Most cars produce too much carbon dioxide which pollutes the air and cause sickness to people, but the Japanese cars both new and old are good to the environment. I can testify on how good they are because the car that I’m currently driving is a Japanese car , its a used car but its in good driving condition, the engine is in good order, it has never given me a problem since 2014 the only thing I did last year December was changing the tyres. The Japanese cars are also even when the rain is falling they are still good on the ground and its very rare to see Japanese cars causing accidents or falling or burning. Before I bought my own car I used to hear my uncle say Japanese cars are machines and I didn’t understand until I bought mine, I am really enjoying my ride. I must be selected as a winner because I deserve it and I can market the Japanese cars and promote them. I always tell people of how good and qualitative the Japanese cars are. If anyone is looking for a speeding car think Japanese car you will not regret it!

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