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Samwel Samson Nswila from Tanzania message


My name is Samwel Samson Nswila. I am from The United Republic of Tanzania, which is found at the eastern part of Africa. I am male, and my age is 19 years old. Since when I was child i had a dream of driving my own car while I am at young age. I have tried my level best but my efforts were like a drop of milk in an ocean. But before i loose hope, I saw someone sharing a link from a social media asking people to click his link so that he can win a CAR FROM JAPAN. After opening the link, i saw something that made me smile for a while.I was more than happy to see that I can win a car from Japan. i was even more excited when i saw that there is a car reward in March. Therefore, I saw my dream coming true. There is nothing one else to make my dream come true than CAR FROM JAPAN company. I will be so happy to win a Japanese used car because in Japanese used cars are believed to be the best in my country also the availability of spare parts is easier since everyone loves Japanese used cars.

CAR FROM JAPAN is a company that really cares about people of all kinds. I really appreciate what you are doing as a company making people’s dream coming true. I pray to God that you should continue with such a good heart. On the other I am pretty sure that with the efforts you make, CAR FROM JAPAN will be doing the best.

All in all, I would like to thank you for using your precious time reading my message. I am working harder to gain points. I hope CAR FROM JAPAN will make my dream come true. Thank you so much!

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