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Samwel Mwakasaka from Tanzania message

Samwel Mwakasaka from Tanzania message
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First of all i would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I would like to grab this opportunity because it will give me the perfect start to bring my unique vision to CAR FROM JAPAN, I’m a goal oriented person, I have potential that you are looking for.I determined to succeed and I will relate other people to achieve a common goal, my goal is to become successfull because I want to implement my practical knowledge and skills required for JAPANESE USED CAR.It’s indeed a great opportunity and I’ll give my 100% and always work for the growth of the company (Japanese used cars).This is my area of my interest since car from Japan is one of my Top choices and it combines my interest and experience in a global business of cars, I’ll become a frontline to motivate others.
If I will be picked to win Japanese used car,I will always be an asset to the company I will always work hard and strive hard to move forward along the company and also I will make sure that i have what it takes to take company to further heights.I will get chance to prove myself and skills, this is the good platform for my growth and growth of the company (Japanese used car).
This is generally offer in the whole life of mine.
My conception about CARS FROM JAPAN is that;cars are generally more reliable and less complex.This is especially true for older cars., they are less expensive to repair and more tolerant at poor maintainance a far greater perfomance per money paid for them.
An affordable and quality vehicle is something that people all over the world are really looking for as they buy units for various purposes, car from japan fit that criteration of being cheap and of high quality and standards.
When it come to comparison of Japanese used car to other outomakers in the world I find the performances of their units have really been impressive.
Cars from Japan seem to have one thing in common and that is reliability of their units. Companies such as Toyota have produced most reliable units in the name of Land cruiser family which up to now is still ranked as the one of the best in the world.
Japan in fact is known for making ever long lasting cars or very reliable at the least for many years. HONDA had been proven to be the most reliable car manufacturer in the world for the last 9 years with toyota and other cars as their most popular, also nissan and TOYOTA are reliable.
I can only say that not only many other countries in the world prefers Japanese used car but also Tanzania is among those countries.
I wish the WINNING. Thank you for having me.

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