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samuel reboul Agbeyebiawo from Ghana message

samuel reboul Agbeyebiawo from Ghana message
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Hi my name is Samuel, a biomedical sciences student of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. I’m a car enthusiast, and apart from that I love Japan( discipline and value); this is why car from Japan caught my attention. I like Nissan cars too. Honestly, I need a car to help me in my day to day activities, especially going for lectures and laboratory sessions as I live far from campus. I didn’t get accommodation on campus, and I’m in my 2nd year. There are no free bus rides and public transportation isn’t really convenient as it usually makes me late for lectures and laboratory sessions. Getting a car will really help me a lot, I will also be able to give my little brother a ride to school, and also run some errand for the house. Car from Japan is a really great opportunity for people to familiarize themselves with Japan and Japanese products. This will enhance Japan’s relationship with the rest of the world, especially African countries. Car from Japan campaign will also improve Japan’s economy in the sense that people will get to buy cars and other products from Japan, and that’s foreign exchange, which is good for economic growth and development. Personally I think car from Japan is really great, and should be supported and promoted, because the benefits of this program is far more greater than just financial gain, but of economic and international importance. Japanese used cars are really great, with good fuel economy and low carbon emissions, to put it simple, Japanese used cars are great! I hope I win, but even if I don’t win, I’ll still help in promoting this campaign by sharing it on the social media. Thank you very much.

Warm regards
Samuel Reboul Agbeyebiawo

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