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Samuel bauleni from Malawi message

Samuel bauleni from Malawi message
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Say something nice!for the japanase used car helps our good movement on our country and improving the mobility and transport and it makes more people to know more types of vehicle whoch economic interm of fuel consumption and comfortable vehicles .most African countries is now have more vehicle’s because of the coming of japanase used car our country Malawi this company helps us very much because we found any car you want easy on internate easy to do transction and ot sales our country reliable vehicle’s and spare parts so l need that company of possible can open its branch here in Malawi as other companies doing.most of malawian now they have a knowledge for the company,that it become popular or we can establish agent that the other people who did not have acess of social media or internat should visit the agents here on Malawi we have 4 city which u can establish the agents lilongwe capital city Blantyre zomba and mzuzu for doing that the company can be easily popular,we can defeat befoward easily because it has 2 branches lilongwe and Blantyre wecan add to establish in songwe boarder,but l wish this company will do more for 2to3years thank you for giving this chance to express my views.yours Samuel bauleni

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