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Samu Siri from Zimbabwe message

Samu Siri from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN and the sponsors for accepting me to join this great competition. As one of your many visitors on internet and Facebook page, I think you should pick me as the winner considering that I do visit, especially your Facebook page on many occasions and I do appreciate the good work you are doing internationally. I also wish that one day I become one of your best representatives in Zimbabwe so that you become our country’s number one Japanese used car exporter ever to emerge, that is nationally, regionally and internationally! As a company which delivers the best, efficient and quality cars, I am personally behind you CAR FROM JAPAN.I do appreciate and will always love you for that. You have shown us over the years that, best, quality and efficient is your second names when it comes to exporting Japanese used cars. As a result of this, you have earned yourselves a greater position in this game and I know that you will remain the same because you always strive to bring about the best services to the entire world. I will never live to regret being associated with you that is why I feel to be the right one. Thank you in advance for picking me as the winner. Lots of love from Zimbabwe!

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