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Samora salanga from Tanzania message

Samora salanga from Tanzania message
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Thanks a lot for this program its good at all as we know the work of to day is the world of discussion by exposing topic as you have done to introduce this program can help the JAPAN CAR COMPANY to be known abroad and do well in marketing through internet.
I like JAPANESE CAR COMPANY due to their efficiency and effectiveness in providing a good service to different countries including my nation Tanzania.
From my experience since i was young many people s were mostly talking about the strength of car from Japan country and thus why I realize that Japan cars are more efficient for example Toyota min bus that are bought from Japan they work for a long time without service which is an exceptional from other companies car some time cars from other country they may damage within a month while Japanese car tolerates.
Through this system and program my nation people they always prefer to buy cars from Japan for improvement of transportation and luxury,

My ideas on this program it is a good program that can increase the number of peoples from Tanzania to buy the car in Japan because myself as a university student I would like to take this chance to promote my fellows and other peoples to buy car and other instruments like PC from Japan and I believe I can be a good expert for this mission since even myself am interested much in ur cars services.
Suggestion, my suggestion on your company is most of the Africans peoples found in rural areas they are not much familiar with you activeness and efficient of your cars due to the fact that your companies sell their cars at high cost so if possible its better to make a discount for some percents for those peoples that comes from interior in order to grow up the Japan car company in most African country.
Thanks for your good courage, good services and quality cars that you always sell to our country .
My full names is ;Samora Salanga a student from education college at dar es salaam university college of education originally from rural area at mbeya villages.
My email for more contact is,
Phone namber +2557850364.
I hope I will be among of the winner of this program thanks,
All the best to our Japan car company marketing team.

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