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Sammysun from Tanzania message

Sammysun from Tanzania message
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Hère is what i know and believe about Japanese cars they are super,affodarble with a low price,spare parts are easily available,they are interesting just because they are made efficiently,variety of models exist this mean a lot that brief innovation and technological advancement has been making everything possible in Japanese autobile Industries thereby market is keeping on expanding as days go and this is what I would also like to stress that you should strictly work to expand the market worldwide and being able to conquer the world market, actually via this competition shows how much better you care for the people though is not more for your customers? one my find reasonable answer to be yes. Here in united republic of Tanzania there are many Japanese cars and there are builty,strong,interesting and are of variety of models I would like to in courage and insist you that you expand more market within our country as you know nodays our economy is growing to the extent that many people are attaining ability of owning there cars even companies also want to own a lot of cars after all there is easy access to areas of Tanzania from externals due to presence different kinds of transport like navigation, air transport due to presence of ports like Julius Nyerere airport Dar es salaam, Kilimanjaro airport, songwe airport and many others this significantly simplify transport and transportation of materials but remember here we are talking of cars, moreover Tanzania is a member of East African cooperation which consist of Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi though when you succeed emposing trade networks in this country you will have ample opportunity to have developed new relation ship with all these countries even more meanwhile cars which are brought in Tanzania can be sold between the members of the East African community, Finally I wormly welcome you here in East Africa and I hope every one will enjoy your service and I would congratulate you for establishing this campaign and for my self I say we are altogether and I hope this will make a difference rhrought the world bearing in mind that currently many people have access to social networks and are those who we are trying to make them aware of this and making atleasy every one in social networks be in touch of this compaign and the most important thing that all people should know is that Japanese cars or Car from Japan are more better than any way we can express but only reality testifies and iam the one who have been dreaming for Japanese car and iam sure that I am going to win.and I’ll also buy in the future. Thank you very much indeed and I wish you smooth work and good lucky love you CAR FROM JAPAN

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