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Samantha Chinyoka from Zimbabwe message

Samantha Chinyoka from Zimbabwe message
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Besides wanting to just win my first car ever, I find it more honoring to be representing a prestigious company such as CAR FROM JAPAN. I am into sales and marketing, currently I am working as a brand ambassador for one of the largest food manufacturing companies in my country and it will be one of the biggest highlights of my life to be a brand ambassador for your brand as well as your sponsors and having experience in marketing I will be an asset to your company in return. It is so much easier to have someone to represent your brand who already knows much about marketing and brand promotion, someone who has great appreciation for the brand itself, who knows that the key to great marketing is you becoming the brand itself, and portraying the brand across to potential customers in the same way as you would portray yourself to other people who you wish to impress and I have a great understanding of that. Being associated with a company known for high quality car sales and excellent customer service is a major highlight in the career of any marketing related person and that is what I very much hope to achieve from this competition. What i like most about CAR FROM JAPAN is the ease with which one can go on your website and get specifications for their desired car without any hassles. The visual images of the Japanese used car itself make it even more easier for a customer to make an informed decision before purchasing a car. The provision you put for entering in car specs as needed makes your website user friendly, not forgetting the final calculated price and discounts which are just what any customer would love as it makes buying a car much less complicated as it would seem to an uninformed person who has never purchased a car before. Creating a platform that is user friendly and meeting the needs of your customers, updating them on what’s new, what’s available, what’s been discounted (via e-mails) is the best way to providing quality service and you do exactly that. I do not own a car now and I have not owned any car before but I will say this, even if I do not win a car from this prestigious competition, when I get enough money to purchase a car I know exactly who I am buying it from and that is CAR FROM JAPAN. Your Japanese used cars are of top quality, they look brand new for a second hand and I am happy to say I am pleased with your services, I am yet to buy my first car but rest assured I am one happy “near-future customer”, having just gone through your website I felt my car needs catered for, and any customer needs to feel such ease when purchasing any product. Thank you for making my car search experience an interesting one, and I am sure you have made the car shopping experiences of many other customers to be awesome and without regret, keep up the good work!

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