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Salvatory Lyang'ombe from Tanzania message


i have been liking the cars from japan because they are strong and very low in oil consumption. since i heard the cars from japan since long ago. I ask you to pick me as winner because I will be a good ambassador of the used cars from japan.
some people have been blaming on the used cars but I never heard blames on the used cars from Japan.
once I win this car I will spread the news so that many people will like the used cars from japan.
also you should pick me as a winner because I applied for the used cars from japan last december but i lost because i didnt reach 100% the reqired points for me to get a car. this time I hope to win the car because i have the desire to win the car i have chosen.
my family will like the used cars from japan because they are strong.
the japanese used cars also very cheap and due to this it is easy for us to get transport cheaply.
my family suffers a lot in terms of transport but once i get japanese used cars i will help them especially to transfer them to places they want.
I will be happy also to be a winner because I want to spread the news concerning the used cars from japan because most of my fellow tanzanians do not trust on this competition they only think that this competition is like a jock and no one will be announced as a winner. so I will make them understand that this is not a jock.
my father likes used cars from japan the only problem was how to get them but through this competition He will be so happy if i will win the car I chosen.
i also want you to choose me as a winner because i have a dream of possesing a car but only poverty was hindering me but through this competition i hope to win it.
I think in Tanzania the used cars from Japan are much prefered thats why in the last december competition most of the winners came from Tanzania.
what I can advice you is that it is better to increase the number of winners so that many people may get these cars from japan.
I thank you for introducing this competition because many people need cars but they have no money to buy them but through this competition people may compete so as to fulfil their dreams.
thank you much all who have contributed in this japanese used cars competition I ask you to pick me among the winners so that I can be a good ambassador on used cars from Japan.

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