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Salum haji hamisi from Tanzania message

Salum haji hamisi from Tanzania message
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I am Tanzanian aged 40 ,the reasons to why should I be winner of Car from Japan;one is that ,I am a university lecturer and I don’t have a transport ,picking me as winner will improve and facilitate teaching and learning process.Secondly l love Japanese used car,because they are strong,quality,durable,affordable and more importantly are available all time and suitable to the African environments.Thirdly African had problem of poor infrastructure especially roads,this need a very quality made car and those are Japanese used car.
Japan used car brought social,economic, political and cultural changes to Tanzania.Almost 85 percent of car used in Tanzania are from Japan.Japanese used car is everything in out country. I real appreciate the great help from Japanese export of used car.Otherwise we could not afford to new car of which are so expensive.

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