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Salome Wanjiru from Kenya message

Salome Wanjiru from Kenya message
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Japanese used cars are of high quality. They are dependable and reliable on all roads worldwide. Car from Japan are known for being mostly trouble- free when it comes to major issues regarding mechanical breakdown or failure. In fact japanese cars can be driven for thousands of milage without any mechanical issues.
Cars from Japan have a relatively high resale value and don’t seem to depreciate as fast as cars from other manufactures. Japanese cars have great and likable designs. The appearance doesn’t became quickly outdated or go out of style very fast. I think and believe that the Japanese car cannot be compared to any other car from other manufactures worldwide.
Why I should be picked as a winner is one, to have the opportunity to be a marketer of janese used cars . though the cars from Japan have already dominated the market, with the gift from Japanese used cars I can be able to convince more people from my country and also the neighbouring countries through social media. Second , if Japanese used cars chooses me as a winner , it would be a dream come true because I have always fallen in love with Japanese cars design even when it comes to smaller size cars they are just perfect.

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