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Salome Nacagilevu from Fiji message

Salome Nacagilevu from Fiji message
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Car from Japan:
This competition has greatly aroused my interest because it boasts the best manufactured cars and Japan’s prominent trademark is CARS! Regarded as the gold standard of automotive reliability, Japan cars most certainly are the most reliable cars in the automotive industry. Japanese car manufacturers cultivated a reputation for building bulletproof cars that exceeded the reliability expectations of virtually all of their competition at the time. So why should you pick me as the winner?? Well I most certainly declare that I would make a generally great ambassador to market Japan Cars! I would preach how the restraint that Japanese brands exercise when changing their productions and adopting unproven new technologies which preserves their high reliability ratings. Even if some of them aren’t the most exciting cars around, their reliability isn’t just a stereotype, it’s a mentality!! Above all, it’s the mentality of companies like Toyota and Honda which cemented Japanese exports as the gold standard for reliability! So why Japan Cars?? Preach it…its the RELIABILITY! Reliability is the X-Factor component because with reliability comes safety and with safety you can bank your life on it because you travel in a safe and secure automobile that will keep you from harm! Life is precious. Secure your life with a reliable car…so travel safe! Travel in Japan Cars!

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