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Sailosi Batiratu from Fiji message

Sailosi Batiratu from Fiji message
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Initiatives such as Car From Japan and Japanese Used Car should get all the support and publicity they can get because it is a way of helping people all over the world.
People, wherever they may be, need to be able to get from one place to another in order to be able to play their part in society. For example, teachers need to be able to get to their schools on time, workers need to be at their workplace on time and many people do not realise it but goods and services also need to be transported to their respective destinations on time so that other parts of society can play their role in development.
That is why transportation is so important to any modern society, hence the importance of Car From Japan and Japanese Used Car. While they may not be used in the transportation of goods and services, they will definitely be used to carry people; and people are innovators, they are agents of change, they are avenues through which good things are done etc. Through these two initiatives, people who are deserving but who maybe cannot afford their own vehicle have the opportunity to have their own car/vehicle and be in a better position to spread and share the goodness and positivity that they have with others who in turn share it with those they come into contact with.
Through your competition, you are greatly helping in the sharing of all that is good in our ever-developing world.

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