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SAIDI IBRAHIMU SHABANI from Tanzania message


Hello CAR FROM JAPAN, actually i’m happy not only to enter in this winning competition but also to be in your company among of my dream since i was kid, to speak honestly, i promise you that i will deserve to win and being representative of your company since i will do my level best to approach and attract many people to realize and accept CAR FROM JAPAN positively in a sense that, they are going to trust your business company and i will do my job as an upcoming representative of your company, therefore i have a lot to say but the most important thing in this business especially here in Tanzania, people have lost their trust in internet monetary system that is to say inorder to build an hundred percent of trustfulness and guanrantee, we need to set up our office here so as most of the order will be done here as well people can even develop trust as they see office here.
But in waiting this what you need to improve first, tells your customer their money are safe through developing a certain secured system that will give him or her a hope, lastly i will not end up here in Tanzania to promote and advatise this company i will further go to my neighbouring countries to let them know about it, please give me an opportunity of representative if not today even tomorrow i mean in the comming days! however time is now. Also i promise to continue with my winning compaign till championship.
I wish you nice work and all the best.
by education i have BACHELOR OF EDUCATION.
Thanks in Advance

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